Dandy's Tying Bench

Here you will find some of Dandy’s favorite patterns. You will also be able to see why Hatchfinders Fly Shop is so sought after for their brand of flies. Remember, if you have any questions about fly tying just stop on in the shop or give us a call. We’re happy to help!

If you are at all interested in tying flies or learning to tie then this is the website for you. Their videos allow a visual aid, so that you can see for yourselves step by step, the process involved in tying. Many well-known and respected fly-tyers are featured on this website. Dandy is honored to be the first woman featured on The Weekly Fly. Here she ties four of her favorites, The Stalk Body CDC Drake Dun, The CDC Spent Wing Midge, The CDC Spent Wing Caddis, and The Pink Pookie. Enjoy!

CDC Spent Wing Caddis

CDC Stock Body Drake Dun

Pink Pookie

CDC Spent Wing Midge

Hackle Stem Crane Fly

Kamikaze Hopper

Lands Pattern

Purple Haze

Rusty Spinner

Sulphur Dun

CDC Parachute Caddis

Pink Lady

Wilted Spinach

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